• Video: Quiet Lightning, San Francisco, CA, November 2016
  • Video: SF Weekly Exhibitionist, San Francisco, CA, September 2014
  • Audio: "Pained in the blue seat, pained in the red seat," a composition by Joshua Groffman featuring text by Sarah Heady, for soprano, baritone, and piano, Poughkeepsie, NY, June 2014
  • Video: reading at the Bay Area MFA Mixer 2.0, San Francisco, CA, September 2013
  • Video: Google+ Hangout feature on The Casserole Series, July 2013
  • Video: reading at Breadline Performance Series, Seattle, WA, January 2013
  • Audio: reading at Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, December 2009
  • Video: reading at Germ Books + Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, November 2009 [audio only here]

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